Bach Flower Remedies

I am a qualified Bach Flower Remedy Animal Practitioner.

Bach flower essences are a gentle, holistic remedy that can help animals, and humans, re-balance, recover and deal with deep-rooted, past or current trauma as well as day to day stresses.

There are 38 remedies discovered by Dr Bach in the early part of the 20th Century.  They are safe enough to combine with any conventional medication or treatment, and can be used on a long term, daily basis without causing any addiction problems or issues.

Working with your vet’s permission, a bespoke, blended essence will me made that can help your animal find themselves again, and will help them to live happy lives, overcoming fear, despondency, unhappiness or uncertainty to be balanced and able to cope with life. It can also help rescue animals, animals who are suffering from chronic illness or for animals who are having to cope with a change of routine.

They can also  be used alongside essential oils.

Common questions:

How do I give the essences?

Full instructions will be sent with your essences, but you add drops of the essence blend to you animal’s food, water or you can apply them to the animal’s coat if you feel that would be better.  As they are completely safe and natural, other animals can share water bowls if needed, although we recommend that two water bowls are used, one with the essences and one without.

Which animals can be treated?

Most animals can have and be treated with the essences.  The treatment method is a little difference with fish, but, again, full instructions will be supplied with the essence blend.

How quickly do they work?

The essences can work immediately or can take up to a month to show an improvement, depending how deep the problem is.

Can they be given with conventional medication?

Yes! I need to work with your vet’s permission before I help any animal, but the flower essences are safe enough to use alongside conventional medication.


Please get in touch to see how the Bach Flower Essences can help your animal.