Animal Aromatics

I am a fully qualified Animal PsychAromaticist, and I trained under Nayana Morag, one of the world’s foremost aromatic experts.

Animal PyschAromatica is a way to help your animal to heal themselves. By using a detailed behavioural and medical history of the animal, kinesiology and Five Element Theory (part of Traditional Chinese Medicine), oils are selected that should help your animal to help themselves to rebalance. There may also be suggestions of changes in management and diet.

Up to five oils are then chosen for your animal, and these are diluted to a safe level.  Under instruction, you offer the oils to your animal, but you give them the control to choose whether or not they need that particular oil at that time.

The oils are offered once or twice a day until the animal no longer wants them. By giving your animal control over their own healing, and letting them decide if they want them orally, topically or inhaled, the healing & balancing process is optimised, and there is often a strengthening of the trust between the animal and their human.

Common Questions

How does my animal know which oil to choose?

Wild animals instinctively know what herbs and plants to eat when they are sick.  APA gives our pets the control to use their wild instinct and select the oils that will help them restore balance and feel better,

Do the oils really work if my dog only smells them? Why?

The short answer is yes! When the animal, or human, inhales the oil, the smell alone can bring comfort and reduce stress, but the effect of the oils can be much more than that.  The olfactory (smell) system is linked to the limbic system in the brain, which is a primitive part of the brain that controls emotions, feelings and also immunity and disease response. When inhaling the oils, the smells trigger reactions parts of the brain, which helps to balance the body which can release natural opioids (feel good chemicals), pain killers, emotional responses, hormones and much more.

What is the 5 element theory?

The Five Element Theory is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is a way of understanding the causes of emotional and physical problems in humans and animals.  There are 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal).  Every person and animal is strongly aligned with one of the elements, shown by their physique, character traits and emotional problems.  Using 5 element theory is a natural way of optimising your animal’s health and well-being by adapting food, training, exercise and the oils that we select by choosing them around your animal’s element.


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