First of all, let me stress that you do what’s right for you! There isn’t a right way to be, so if you want to be completely natural, be completely natural, or if Botox, fillers and surgery are your way, then either way, good for you! But right now, I’d like to talk about sweat.

Sweat is a natural thing that we do for all sorts of reasons – to cool down when we are hot, to get rid of toxins, to help fight pathogens, as part of the fight of flight response (which is why we sometimes sweat when we’re nervous) and also hormone levels may cause us to sweat. It’s an important and healthy thing, but it’s often seen by society as a negative thing, more so in women.

Smell – fresh sweat doesn’t smell very much, if at all. The ‘bad’ smell we associate with sweat is actually due to bacteria breaking down fats and proteins that are present in some sweat. Deodorants will help with the smell, as will washing regularly, sometimes several times a day (more in this below).

Looks – society doesn’t like sweat stains or soggy armpits, so there is a pressure to ‘feel dry all day’. Trouble with this is that we’re designed & have evolved to sweat, and if it’s hot, it’s a definite possibility that you may have sweat marks.

Feeling hot and sweaty – not the nicest of feelings, especially if you’re at work and can’t change.

I am a naturally sweaty person, always have been always will be I assume! I’m lucky that I work from home so can wash and change through the day if I need to, and I can freshen up when I have breaks. However, even when I was working in a classroom or treatment room, I would try to dress in layers so that if it was hot I could take a layer off, and I would have a small towel with me so that I could wipe my forehead if needed.

I switched to a natural deodorant from an anti-perspirant and deodorant about a year ago. There was a bit of trial and error to find the one that works for me (one smelt horrid, one didn’t smell at all and one felt really clammy so I settled with Wild that I find works well for me – still working through their different scents now but I have favourites!), and I have had to adjust my daily routine a little when it’s hot. I now wash and refresh at lunchtime and reapply deodorant, but, to be brutally honest, I had to do this sometimes when using shop bought anti-perspirants. I feel more in tune with my body, and feel much happier knowing I am using an eco-product that works with my natural body functions. I also dress to the weather, and have started wearing more baggy cotton tops rather than mixed fibre tighter tops that I may have worn before, and I stay out of the sun when I can, and stick to the shade – but that’s good for my skin too!

But they’re my choices. If it’s better for you to have injections to reduce armpit sweat, then go for it! If scents and sprays are your thing, then I’m happy with that too. I just wanted to give a slightly different approach that maybe goes against a societal view of a sweat-free summer, and to tell you all that letting my body do what it needs to do has been almost liberating and good for me!

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